8 Strategies For Building A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business From A Couple Of Experts


When it comes to making money online, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular business models. It is relatively easy to set up, can generate income quickly, and can be achieved with little or no start-up capital. That said, to be successful in affiliate marketing in today’s ever-changing digital world, you need to put in place a few strategies to maximize exposure and convert traffic into sales.

Freedom Ministry founders Jono Armstrong and Cice Armstrong learned the hard way how hard it can be to make money online if you don’t have the right knowledge. They started selling physical products on e-Bay, then tried Shopify and Amazon Affiliates, but neither were able to produce decent results. It took years to test different methods and programs, but today their online business is in seven numbers and they are spending their time teaching other entrepreneurs how to grow their business. These are their tips for being successful in affiliate marketing.

1. Choose your niche wisely

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting products and earning commissions when people buy those products. But how do you get people to buy the products you’re promoting? It all comes down to trust. You need to position yourself as an authority in a particular area and provide people with valuable information on particular products.

Your niche should be something that you know and are passionate about, as well as something that people are interested in and want to buy. Narrow your niche to an underserved area of ​​interest online.

2. Look for the best commission rates

When the Armstrongs started their affiliate marketing journey, they took a number of programs that paid minimum commissions up to a maximum of 5%. At these rates, they had to make huge amounts of sales to make money, which was not possible without heavy traffic.

It wasn’t until they discovered digital products that they saw better potential. “Digital products like software and training courses offer between 50% and 100% commission per sale,” says Jono. “I knew that if I could find a way to promote these products, I could make more money with less work.”

3. Find innovative ways to reach new audiences

Product reviews are essential for affiliate marketing, so it’s important to think about how you’re going to engage with your target market. Think about which platforms they use the most and what kind of content they consume.

For Jono Armstrong, video reviews resonated the best with his audiences. “After months of trial and error, I discovered the power of YouTube,” he says. “The breakthrough happened when I reviewed a training course and put my affiliate link for the course in the description of my YouTube video. After a few days, the video had grossed over $ 200 in commissions.

4. Create quality content that brings value

The biggest mistake many affiliate marketers make is creating content just to drive sales. People can see right through the sales pitch and if there is nothing else that gives them any value, they will leave quickly and probably never come back.

Think about what you want when searching online for specific products or topics. Try to give your readers something they can take with them, such as an answer to a question they may have, useful information about a product or service, or tips they can use to make it easier for themselves. life.

5. Use clear calls to action

While you don’t want to flood your audience with sales pitches, you still want to make it easier for them to purchase the products you’re promoting. Use clear, easy-to-spot calls to action on your site, such as ‘Buy Now’ buttons, tables that show products prominently, highlighted links, and images that showcase the products and encourage people to to click. If you are creating video or audio reviews, be sure to let your audience know how they can purchase the products you are talking about and include your affiliate link or promo code.

6. Create your own products

As an affiliate marketer, you have unique insight into what people want in a certain genre. By creating a product that fills a gap in the market, you can add value for your customers, create an additional revenue stream, and even leverage your product sales to increase your affiliate sales.

The Armstrongs explain, “With our digital training course and software, every buyer is added to our mailing list. Our newsletters direct them to our next review where they can purchase the product we are reviewing through my link. It’s now to the point where a simple newsletter and review video can net me between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 a day.

7. Forge links with a community

Finding a community of like-minded people can be invaluable to your business. Other affiliates can give you advice on various businesses or campaigns and provide you with useful tools and resources that can increase sales.

Affiliate communities can also keep abreast of the ever-changing algorithms as these can have a profound effect on your traffic and hence your sales. You can find affiliate forums online, on social media platforms, or through programs like the Department of Freedom.

8. Find a mentor

An experienced affiliate marketer can help you avoid costly pitfalls and guide you to the next level. “In January 2020, I met a mentor for a three-day paid advertising session,” says Jono. “It cost me $ 70,000 for mentoring fees, but he’s one of the top paid traffic marketers. Was it worth it? By the time the pandemic hit, I had created the Department of Freedom and with my newfound knowledge of paid advertising, I hit a record month of $ 300,000 in profit. “

Affiliate marketing can be incredibly profitable if you put in place the right strategies. The Powerful Couple is proof that all it takes is determination and a little bit of know-how to build a successful affiliate business that can generate passive income while you sleep. While their journey took years and involved a lot of trial and error, new entrepreneurs can benefit from the knowledge gained by the Armstrongs and other experts.


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