Cashify strings to Rajkummar Rao for his first marketing campaign


Mumbai: Cashify launched its first TVC with Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao, winner of a National Award, as a brand ambassador.

Conceptualized and executed by the in-house team and MotifGlobal, the 30-second creative uses humor, wit, and clear messages to educate potential and existing customers about the ease and convenience of selling vintage or vintage cell phones. opportunity using Cashify for instant cash and free home withdrawal.

The campaign includes two films. The first film opens with a conversation between two brothers, one being stuck in a real situation, struggling to get the loan back. This is when Cashify is integrated into the story as a solution highlighting various value propositions for users including trust, convenience, maximum value, safety and hassle free, free pickup and instant payment.

In the second commercial, the protagonist asks the audience if they are considering buying a new phone and what to do with their old phone. We all have this temptation to buy a new smartphone. And selling the old phone to help fund the new purchase is always a great option. But the question is, how do you get the best resale value for your phone? The protagonist explains step by step how Cashify simplifies the process of managing your devices by helping you discover prices, cash on hand and other features in a streamlined and efficient way.

The company joined Rajkummar Rao earlier this month as the brand’s first ambassador to promote its products and services on offline and online media. The company will launch this campaign on TV, billboard, radio and social media channels over the next few months, making it a 360-degree campaign.

“As the country went into lockdown, the need for a smartphone with internet connectivity and app support became a necessity. Whether it’s pursuing a job or studying, digital has become the new normal. People couldn’t get by without a gadget in hand. And for those who couldn’t walk into a showroom and pick up a new smartphone, the refurbished devices were a sigh of relief, ”said Cashify, head of content strategy, Puneet Arora. “With this campaign, we try to reiterate how Cashify makes it easier to sell or buy phones. Rajkumar as a brand ambassador is a strong face of our brand philosophy. We look forward to a multi-year engagement with him.


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