Hashing It Out Ep 9: Can Affiliate Marketing Benefit From The BSV Blockchain?


Calvin Ayre’s Hashing it Out Episode 9 is now available. The show’s final episode with host Becky Liggero Fontana features Lee Ann Johnstone, founder of Affiliate Insider.

Hashing It Out Episode 9 is now available

The last episode of Chop it with host Becky liggero fontana broadcast on CoinGeek Tuesday. In previous episodes of the show, industry experts have revealed the benefits casino operators can gain from using augmented reality combined with blockchain technology. On top of that, in Episode 8 of the show, CoinGeek revealed how the BSV blockchain can help operators with responsible gambling and compliance.

Now episode 9 of Features of Calvin Ayre’s show Lee ann johnstone, the founder of Affiliate Insider. Running a successful affiliate marketing agency like Affiliate Insider, she has over two decades of experience in multiple industries. Additionally, Johnstone has worked across multiple industries including retail, finance, and iGaming. Participating in the show Hashing it Out, she reveals what the advantages of BSV are and how the affiliate marketing structure can benefit.

Reducing risk is not the same as evolving

Speaking of risk in digital marketing strategies, Johnstone pointed out that one way to reduce it is to diversify. She stressed that digital marketers should not depend on a single channel such as YouTube or Facebook ads. Johnstone said any of these platforms can “to cut“the user in a matter of”nanoseconds “in case the advertisement does not respect the rules and regulations, which are particularly strict in the gaming industry.

Although she recognizes that diversification can reduce risk, Johnstone deemed the infrastructure “messy”.Tracking gets lost, stats can drop, pixels can skip … it becomes a minefield just to reach your customer,Explained the founder of Affiliate Insider. Johnstone added that currently, affiliate marketing is “on old rails”, which were built two decades ago. According to her, a time will come when these rails will no longer be able to evolve and offer the necessary functionalities.

Additionally, Johnstone has revealed that she believes the industry is “at the dawn of an evolution,”Which changes the infrastructure, as well as the way people think. A way to get away from the old rails and streamlining the current infrastructure goes through the blockchain. Johnstone suggested it is time to move off the old rails where “everything is disconnected and works in silosto a new “platform and solution that can really make everything smart”.

The Benefits of Blockchain Data Storage

Sitting on the old rails also means affiliate managers and affiliates need to pull stats from multiple data channels. This process, painfully known to people in the industry, involves significant manpower, increases manual workload and increases budget. In this spirit, storing data on a blockchain is 100% reliable, and also immutable and verifiable. According to CoinGeek, these unique features can help any affiliate program in any industry.

I mean, anything that builds confidence faster is going to help you grow your program because at the end of the day this industry is always built around confidence.

Lee Ann Johnstone, Founder, Affiliate Insider

On this, Johnstone said that the use of such a platform “will build trust faster”. Since the industry is built on trust, this will help affiliate marketers grow their program much faster, explained Johnstone. In addition, she pointed out that the current data collection method is unnecessarily difficult and explained that “the bane of most affiliate manager lives has been tracking breaks,”As well as methods of solving the problem. However, Johnstone revealed that if the industry moves to “new rails”Which offer to interconnect data that cannot be overwritten and there are no breakpoints, all current problems would be eliminated.

Microtransactions make it easy

Another very important advantage of BSV is the high number of instant microtransactions. With this unique functionality, BSV sets itself apart from all other blockchain or payment platforms. Johnstone revealed that such a feature can be used to test digital marketing campaigns. She pointed out that the process is, in fact, cheaper than a CPA (cost per acquisition) and that it does not involve “difficult paperwork.”Considering that there is no waiting time, Johnstone said that the whole testing process becomes simpler.

This makes it all a lot simpler.

Lee Ann Johnstone, Founder, Affiliate Insider

Recognizing that the “refer a friend“the model is a thing of the past, Johnstone revealed that”word of mouth or personal references”Is currently the best type of business. She revealed that depending on the company and the target group, the new BSV technology can be used in different ways.

Will the change to blockchain happen soon?

When it comes to switching to a new protocol, Johnstone explained that there is a a lot of money at stake. However, to initiate change, many major players in the industry need to “buy in all this” before “trickle down effect“is happening. One of the reasons this change is necessary, she says, is that current infrastructure is not optimized. Famous Johnstone blockchain “a probably viable option”, but said it would be interesting to see how quickly the change happens.


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