How To Stop Neglecting Affiliate Marketing Fraud


When the ad spend initially allocated to expand reach and acquire new customers is instead cannibalized by nefarious affiliates, it is affiliate fraud.

Fortunately, the solutions or the means to fix this problem are not difficult to find. While the red flags indicating affiliate fraud can be difficult to spot, there are ways to watch for them.

Tracking paid searches

Implementing paid search monitoring into your affiliate marketing strategy is a must to ensure that your brand and ad spend is protected from fraudulent activity.

Fortunately, technology is catching up with fraudsters. We recently hosted a webinar alongside Brandverity that will be a great resource for anyone looking to implement paid search monitoring, or just want to learn more about how to spot and tackle fraudulent behavior.

In the webinar, Maura Newell, Senior Product Manager at BrandVerity, provided a full breakdown of:

  • The total impact of fraud on the affiliate channel
  • Types of violations and associated risks
  • Common indicators to quickly identify and correct fraudulent activity
  • Points to remember that allow you to maximize your protection against suspicious affiliates

The webinar recording is available for Free download now.


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