Rakuten Advertising shares plan for affiliate marketing


Rakuten Advertising has launched ‘A 5 Step Plan For High Performance Affiliate Marketing‘, designed to educate and inform both advertisers and publishers about the strategic role that the affiliate channel now plays in marketing strategies.

The plan is based on feedback from members of the Rakuten International Advertising Collective (IRAC), comprising affiliate marketers from major advertisers and publishers around the world, including Asia, Australia, Europe, United States and Latin America.

The plan includes information from leading advertisers and publishers including fashion retailer 24S, Microsoft, Shopback, Harvey Nichols, Beyond China and others. Advertisers and publishers get hands-on insight into the integrated use of different affiliate models by brands of all types, throughout the customer journey.

For advertisers, the plan shows how different affiliate models can be combined to enable them to find and influence new customers throughout the customer journey, from discovery to conversion. For publishers, the plan offers advice on how they can improve, expand and further monetize their offering, building closer relationships with existing advertisers and attracting new brand partners.

Stuart McLennan, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Rakuten Advertising [pictured], said, “The affiliate channel has transformed over the past few years, and our goal in creating the RAIC was to bring together some of the leading thinkers in the affiliate industry to uncover the ideas and best practices that drive business forward. innovation in this space.

“The open and voluntary sharing of their experiences and direct strategies as Advertisers and Publishers has formed the basis of this model and underscores how unique the Affiliate Channel is in driving collaborative partnerships to achieve business goals. respective. “

Building on these experiences of advertisers and publishers around the world, the plan sets out the key steps to create successful affiliate programs aligned with business goals:

Step 1: Align Affiliate KPIs with Business Goals

2nd step : Make the most of the available data

Step 3: Align affiliate strategies with the customer journey and brand positioning

Step 4: Integration of existing and emerging affiliate models

Step 5: Analyze, learn, test, optimize and prove

Tom Howard, RAIC Collaborating Member and Head of Sales at Shopback, commented on the evolution of its publisher offering to generate high performance partnerships: “Our strategy is to expand our offering and evolve towards a “Full funnel”. While cashback is our legacy, we’ve launched a price comparison tool to bring consumers to our platform higher in the funnel, have started moving around the content space, and are doing a lot of work with influencers. . The more we offer ourselves, the better able we are to follow the customer’s journey from research to sale. This can only benefit the advertisers we work with, and it’s interesting that we are now building relationships with the brand’s marketing teams as well as with the affiliate teams.


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