Seeking nominations for top affiliate marketing platforms and networks


  • Insider makes a list of the top affiliate marketing platforms for influencers.
  • We highlight the best networks that offer high commission rates and access to the best brands.
  • Please submit your ideas or nominations through this form (or below) by August 26th.

Affiliate marketing is one of the many ways influencers make money on social media.

Whether it’s sharing links in an Instagram story or a discount code under a YouTube video, affiliate marketing allows creators to earn a portion of the sales they generate with their content.

For example, Vi Lai, a TikTok and Instagram skincare influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers, told Insider that she makes over $ 5,000 a month from affiliates.

One of the skincare brands she often promoted on her social platforms was Paula’s Choice. But the brand’s affiliate program doesn’t exist on its own. Paula’s Choice, like many other brands, relies on a third-party affiliate marketing platform that provides tools and information.

Paula’s Choice uses Impact, an affiliate marketing platform that works with other brands like Walmart, Airbnb, and Savage X Fenty. But platforms like and ShopStyle are also popular among influencers.

In recent months, some of these platforms have tested new tools and features, such as MagicLink’s Text2Shop program, which allows influencers to text subscribers with links and affiliate codes through a product developed in partnership with Community. And social media companies themselves, like Instagram and Pinterest, are leading the way in affiliate marketing with their own native tools and programs.

As the affiliate space heats up alongside the bustling “creator economy” in general, new platforms are emerging and new favorites are coming to the fore.

Insider highlights these top affiliate marketing platforms and networks in its second annual list.

We want to hear from you for nominations from the best affiliate platforms and businesses. Please submit your ideas through this form by August 26, or enter the information below:

The list will be determined by Insider based on our reports and the nominations we receive.

Rankings will take into account networks offering high commission rates, access to top brands, robust tools and their impact on the space at large.

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