Why Love, Bonito Leverages Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships to Acquire New Customers


The retail and e-commerce sectors have experienced significant growth as many consumers have shifted from in-store shopping to online shopping throughout the pandemic. However, some challenges remain for many brands and marketers in this space, some of which include rising digital advertising costs, online privacy concerns, and loss of consumer confidence.

How are some of the biggest retailers taking advantage of this opportunity while overcoming existing challenges, to acquire new customers and drive growth?

Retail News Asia was pleased to interview Maxime Bodin, Head of International Business Development at Love, Bonito, the leading omnichannel women’s clothing brand in Southeast Asia, to learn more about their growth strategy and how whose affiliate marketing and partnerships have played a key role in the growth of their e-commerce.

Retail News Asia: Hi Maxime, can you give us an overview of Love, Bonito, who your target customer is and what channels you are currently using for customer acquisition.

LB: Love, Bonito officially started in 2010 and we have been serving the everyday Asian woman for 12 years. Over the years the brand has expanded its regional and global presence, opened physical stores, launched new categories, forged closer relationships with the community and we also launched our social impact program, LBCreate last year. , by giving back to the communities we operate. in. We reach out to our clients through both offline and online channels, including EDM, social media, partners, influencers and affiliates.

Retail News Asia: How has the pandemic affected / influenced your business and how are you addressing challenges to turn them into opportunities?

KG: We have worked on three key elements since the start of the pandemic.

First, we had to reframe our mindset and game plan primarily to revisit our omnichannel efforts, to put more emphasis on online awareness versus stores, as there were uncertainties over control measures. movements throughout the different months. In addition, we saw strong traction coming from our international markets particularly the United States, Australia, the Philippines and Hong Kong and we wanted to maintain the momentum by which we explored new channels, in particular the marketing of ‘affiliation, to achieve our goal of increasing brand awareness and acquiring new customers. We have seen strong year-over-year growth due to the campaigns we have run and strong contributions have been seen for our international sales.

The other two key things we did were navigate the supply chain process and make key decisions to fine tune our categories in the height of the pandemic. In addition, we understand our community which juggles multiple roles and we engage them continuously through our LBCommunity + loyalty program and our social media channels, to share relevant knowledge resources and platforms, helping them to engage with family members or just to relax.

Retail News Asia: You mentioned the importance of affiliate marketing and partnerships for your business. Can you tell us how you are using this channel to accelerate your international / regional expansion plans and drive revenue growth.

KG: In the United States, we partner with Student Beans, a student retention network that has been crucial in helping us connect with the large base of the student community. We work with them to provide exclusive student benefits as well as run personalized promotions on key occasions like the Singles Sale, which have generated consistent income for us.

For Australia and the Philippines, we worked closely with Shopback, a Cash Back Affiliate who generated a substantial amount of web traffic for us. In addition to their strong support in our daily campaigns, we were successful in securing outdoor advertising on an LED billboard along Manila’s busiest highway during their anniversary campaign which enabled us to ‘increase web traffic by around 4000%. This greatly helps us to increase brand awareness in these key markets.

Retail News Asia: What advice do you have for other retailers considering investing in this channel? What should they consider to begin with?

LB: There are many factors to consider before embarking on an affiliate marketing program. First, it is crucial to identify the right products for affiliate partnerships and ensure that the goals and KPIs are in place. Next, to ensure that a brand gets the most out of the partnership program, it is also necessary to identify the right resources to maintain that partnership. It’s also crucial, as we expand into various markets, that we have the technology to help track, automate, and scale the process.

Retail News Asia: what’s next for Love, Bonito? What other opportunities do you see within this channel?

LB: In 2022, we see huge opportunities around Affiliate Marketing as a key driver of growth in international markets. We aim to have stronger and more organized collaborations with partners, working on longer term partnerships and looking at more closed networks to target specific customer segments, for example with students or working professionals. We also plan to focus on increasing the number of pieces of content that showcase our brand story and USPs. We’re also working on a more integrated approach to Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing, and strive to be the # 1 womenswear brand.

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